Innocent Civilians

I wrote this a while ago, but it seems that this issue is always at hand.

As the Israeli – Hezbollah conflict continues, there is much outrage concerning the climbing number of innocent civilian casualties. Blame is being placed, mostly on Israel, for a “disproportionate response” to the terrorists continued attacks.

Lets look at some facts of the situation;

1) Hezbollah is a democratically elected part of the Lebanese government. They have 13 seats in parliament and hold 2 cabinet positions. This shows that there is popular support by the civilian population for Hezbollah’s actions.

2) Hezbollah is dedicated to the destruction of Israel and has repeatedly launched unprovoked random attacks against Israeli citizens. Even after Israel voluntarily withdrew from Lebanon, following UN Security Council’s resolution 425, Hezbollah’s militia continued with the terror attacks.

3) UN Security Council resolution 1559 “Calls for the disbanding and disarming of all Lebanese and non-Lebanese militias” and “calls upon all parties concerned to cooperate fully and urgently with the Security Council.” This was in 2004 and so far the Lebanese government has not even tried to disarm Hezbollah’s terrorist army.

4) Hezbollah terrorists intentionally hide behind the Lebanese civilian population. They use civilian infrastructure to launch attacks and store weapons, they have used UN ‘ambulances’ as troop transports and have non-uniformed personnel launch rocket attacks from suburban areas. Both are obscene violations of the Geneva Convention.

So, who is responsible for the carnage in Lebanon?

Hezbollah, all their ‘innocent civilian’ supporters and complicity the Lebanese government and all the innocent civilians who did not stand up to the thugs in their own country and demand that they cease and desist their disgusting actions.

Israel has the moral right and obligation as a free country to use all available means available to defend themselves against a terrorist organization launching unprovoked attacks against truly innocent civilians.

Now tell me. Who is guilty of a disproportionate response?

And for all you people who still don’t get it, an analogy.

A burglar breaks into you home in the middle of the night, vandalizes your property, attacks your children and threatens to kill your whole family with a knife. You have a loaded gun and shoot him.

Is this a disproportionate response?

No, it is self-defence and it is the morally correct response.

August 2nd 2006



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