Letter to the Editor Oct 20, 2007

I can’t stand hearing people whining about the government not taking care of them well enough.

Every time I read a paper or watch the news there is a socialist agenda being promoted.

Throw away soldiers lives and billions of dollars into a desert half the world away in the name of democracy building.

Take away Nurses right to strike and make them slaves to the sick.

Give more money to the “needy” and make them more dependant on Big Mother.

Dump more money into schools and continue indoctrinating rather than educating.

Steal people’s land to widen a road that everyone pays for and a small percentage use.

Ban smoking in private cars when children are present to “save” them from their uncaring parents.

We need to open our eyes here and see that very soon government regulations will invade even further into our private lives. Next we will see legislation permitting only licensed, non-smoking, non-drinking couples to have children.

We need a shake up. A person or group to stand up to the government and take back our rights. A political party founded on the unalienable rights of an individual to decide what is best for themselves and the idea that the government’s only job is to safeguard the power of force in society.


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