No right to live?

This is a letter to the editor I wrote Thursday, Apr 26, 2007

I have come to the conclusion that Kenneth Taylor should adopt a diet and lifestyle strictly adhering to his principle that he does not “have the right to kill any living creature of any species for whatever reason.”

I will, however, miss reading his asinine moral pronunciations after he succumbs to self-inflicted starvation. After all, plants are living creatures too.

The ability to come to any conclusion after questioning a theory and thinking rationally is what makes humans special. As individual rational animals, our own individual lives should be most important, not the life of every rodent, insect and vegetable.

What Kenneth has concluded is not that we have “No right to kill”, but that we have no right to live.

I emphatically disagree.

* I wrote that as a letter to the editor in response to this letter;

No right to kill

After much thought, I came to the conclusion that I must Adopt a vegan diet and lifestyle to the best of my ability. As a human, I do not believe I have the right to kill a living creature of any species for whatever reason.
What is so special about humans that gives us an attitude of superiority and domination over other species? I concluded that other species are equally important as us humans.
They are entitled to life, kindness and respect – as are we humans.
Kenneth Taylor


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