Living Your Dreams

Last night, thanks to the Objectivist Round Up hosted this week at Rule of Reason, I learned of a great blog (The Anger of Compassion) and watched an amazing lecture given by Randy Pausch. The lecture is from a series titled, fittingly enough “Last Lecture” and is all about childhood dreams and realizing them.

This man is inspiring. From the way that he has committed to actualizing his dreams, to the way he is facing his own mortality. Randy provides an example that hard work, determination and a positive outlook will get you where ever you want to go. This is a man who holds his hierarchy of values at the conscious level and never forgets or sacrifices them to anything. 

One of my favorite lines from the lecture is about the power of working hard at what you do, please forgive me if I don’t get it exactly right.

“Junior faculty always ask me, ‘What’s your secret? How did you get tenure early?’ and I tell them, ‘Call me at my office on any Friday night at 10pm and I’ll tell you.'”

 If I have one beef, it is with the seemingly implicitly held Altruistic view of the highest good is ‘putting others first’. I do give him credit that he does not seem to hold that view indiscriminately. From everything he said and all the examples he gave I did not once see any time that he broke his hierarchy of values and that is refreshing (to say the least).

Please, if you have any interest in your own dreams, watch this lecture. I promise there will be something you can take away from it and apply to your life.


2 Responses to Living Your Dreams

  1. analyticphilosopher4commonsense says:

    it may be sad for you that your first comment in your blog is this one, but let me tell you something: Objectivism, unlike serious science, HAS AN AGENDA, you gullible moron

  2. It’s not sad at all. I fully expect sarcasm and outright rudeness from people who disagree with me and lack good manners.

    But in the attempt to keep this civil and for me to learn exactly where you are coming from;

    What is the Objectivist agenda?

    Where did I write or infer that Objectivism is a science? In this post or any of the others?

    Why call someone you barely know a gullible moron? Are there specific statements that I have taken as true that you can easily disprove? Does the style and content of my writing lead you to believe I am of less that average intelligence? Did you think that calling me names would change my position on Objectivism?

    Please, if you have any answers, I’m all ears.

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